Are you ready for your next Blind Date?!

Embark on a thrilling literary journey with our Blind Date With A Book experience:

  1. Curated Surprise: Handpicked books across genres, wrapped and ready for you.
  2. Extra Goodies: Each date comes with a book tracking bookmark, tea and book themed stickers to make your blind date extra special.
  3. Unveil the Magic: Unwrap, discover, and immerse yourself in a new, captivating story.

Why Choose Blind Date With A Book?

  • Surprise Gift: Perfect for book lovers, offering a unique and delightful present.
  • Expand Your Horizons: Explore new genres, challenge your reading comfort zone.
  • Quality Selection: Carefully curated books for an engaging and enjoyable reading experience. We have a variety of versions to choose from. Including new, new but damaged, used, book of the month, advent calendar and more!

Embrace the mystery, ignite your imagination, and let the joy of discovery enhance your reading adventure!

Set up your next Blind Date

The Cutest Book Bouquet for the book lover in your life!

Imagine receiving your very own book bouquet now make it even better by having each book a curated surprise just for you!

Blind Date With A Book Bouquet