Fall In love with reading!

Get set up on a Blind Date With A Book! New and used reads looking for love.

Set up your next Blind Date

Are you ready for your next Blind Date?!

Embark on a thrilling literary journey with our Blind Date With A Book experience:

  1. Curated Surprise: Handpicked books across genres, wrapped and ready for you.
  2. Extra Goodies: Each date comes with a book tracking bookmark, tea and book themed stickers to make your blind date extra special.
  3. Unveil the Magic: Unwrap, discover, and immerse yourself in a new, captivating story.

Why Choose Blind Date With A Book?

  • Surprise Gift: Perfect for book lovers, offering a unique and delightful present.
  • Expand Your Horizons: Explore new genres, challenge your reading comfort zone.
  • Quality Selection: Carefully curated books for an engaging and enjoyable reading experience.

Embrace the mystery, ignite your imagination, and let the joy of discovery enhance your reading adventure!